Who we are?

Merletti is a company specialized in the manufacture of fashionable young woman, designed, created and produced entirely in Spain.

More than 30 years working in the manufacturing sector, creating collections with the latest trends in international fashion, has provided us with the expertise to be able to offer our customers a product of easy marketing in which the quality and the care for detail are our main goal.

Full news, innovative fabrics, and a careful preparation, designs are a challenge that we set ourselves in each new collection.

Merletti dress to a woman full of vitality, active and with desire of feel is pretty, elegant and comfortable. Have of some facilities and ones media of production with them last advances technological and what is more important an attention personal that us allows offer a service fast, effective and with the warranty that our customers need to develop its business.

What we do?

Each collection is a new challenge, which aims to maintain the freshness and creativity in our designs.

We work with the latest in fabrics, most recent colors and lines that mark the international fashion trends.

Each season we prepare several collections, we can only offer the latest in fashion.

An elegant collection of straight lines. Jacket, dresses, blouses, skirts suits. Designs designed for every woman find her own style. A city sport collection, freshness, the comfortable time that touch of imagination in the co-ordinated. Jeans, blouses of cotton, joint jeans, tops, coats, printed dresses, and a few more daring designs.

Two collections that complement each other to dress a woman in any situation you need to feel pretty and sure of herself.